This is a way to exfoliate a drier skin. This is a diamond tip microdermbrasion that also puts a hydrating solution into the skin. It is a 3 step process. Step 1 - Hydradermbrasion - uses a gentle suction to lift the skin and buff it with the diamond tip. At the same time it applies a moisture solution into the skin. Step 2 - Oxygen Mesotherapy - uses an oxygen attachment that delivers active ingredients from an ampule chosen for your skin type. Oxygen is delivered in a continuous, pressurized stream that is 90-95% pure oxygen. Oxygen stimulates healing and collagen growth. It also is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Step 3 - Serum penetration - special tips are made specifically to penetrate serums. Results - Softer, hydrated, plumper skin Introductory Pricing: One treatment - $100 (reg. $125), 60 min Package of three treatments - $250 (reg. $300) Intro pricing expires 11/30/2017

Xeomin blocks the nerve communication that moves the muscles, just like Botox. They both contain the same active ingredient. The difference is that Xeomin does not have unnecessary proteins added. Your body may become resistant to the added protein. Think about it like taking additives out of your food, what's left is cleaner and more nutritious. If you feel like you're not getting the same results as previously with Botox, try Xeomin. An even better reason to try Xeomin - a FREE $50 Visa gift card!! Purchase 50 units ($12/unit) and receive a code to enter on their website for an instantaneous FREE $50 Visa gift card.