Perfector Nano-current The Perfector utilizes microcurrent and nano-current to regenerate cells and re-educate muscles. Perfector has several programs, which enhance cell regeneration, muscle toning, oxygenation, and circulation. The Perfector “whispers” to your cells to increase their regeneration and “talks” to your muscles to re-educate your muscles. Muscles that have become elongated (jowls) will shorten. Muscles that have shortened over time (lip wrinkles) will lengthen and relax. The Perfector is FDA approved and painless. The Perfector: • Regenerates cells and re-educates facial muscles • Builds new tissue • Lift sagging muscles • Increases cellular communication • Increases protein synthesis Each Treatment $120 (reg.$15 Series of Six (6) Treatments $650(reg.$825) Series of Twelve (12) Treatments $1200 (reg.$1500)