Treat Yourself to a Pre-Holiday Peel

beautiful young girl with a clean fresh skin

The upcoming holidays typically mean traveling and a lot of time with family & friends. Sometimes, these are loved ones that we only see once or twice a year. We’re all getting older but that doesn’t mean you can’t renew some resilience to your skin. Why not treat yourself to a peel to help any discoloration and fine lines that have popped up this year.

You may be entering new ground with salon peels but don’t let that intimidate you. There’s basically two main types of peels; chemical and micro laser. Both of them work to remove outer layers of your skin cells. However, they each use their own unique type of application.

A chemical peel has been around quite a few years now so it’s the process you’ve probably heard the most about. It composed of an acid-based solution which removed the outer layers of the skin. Your professional aesthetician will determine how deeply it needs to penetrate your skin and use the appropriate strength of solution that is best for you. A chemical peel is a fantastic fix for uneven texture and acne scars. It also helps to balance your skin color for a more even complexion. Depending on the treatment you are targeting, you may need multiple appointments. Your aesthetician will do a treatment plan with you to determine how many are needed.

A micro laser peel uses advanced laser technology to tighten the underlying dermis while targeting the superficial layers of your skin. You will see rejuvenated skin with visible reductions of discoloration, acne scars, and fine lines and wrinkles. We see more of this procedure performed on more mature skin but it really can be a good option for all skin types and ages.

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