Top 5 Tips For Spring

Helens Haven

New season, new trends – that’s the bottom-line in beauty and fashion. And it’s a good thing too. It keeps us from getting stuck in the same old rut. The spring trends are still in the process of sorting themselves out, but here are a few that you can count on. One note of caution: don’t try to do all of these trends at once. Pace yourself, and you’ll have a few different looks to call upon that show you’re in the know.

The matte look has moved on, and now we’re seeing a decided shift toward glowing, luminous skin. To get it, think of a combination of skin care and coverage. Hydrate first, and then layer on a primer with sunscreen. You’ll not only use less make up, but you’ll be protecting your natural glow in the process. Finally, apply the thinnest coat of foundation that you can manage. This will let your skin’s natural glow shine through.

Lashes are a big statement this season. Whether you choose to layer on coats of rich mascara or clump them into groups along your lids, your lashes will be a big focus this spring. You can also opt for false lashes, either in strips or individual lashes. With individual lashes, pop them onto just the ends to give extra volume and length.

Color is always a question, and this season we’re seeing lots of bold lip colors and blue eyeliner and shadows. Combine a bold lip with a nude or natural face – think fall colors with a fresh spring face. For eyes, the move is toward aqua, navy and deep blue tones. Go simple with just a blue liner and nude eyes, or go big with blue smoky eyes.

If you find all of this just a bit intimidating, fear not. The highly trained team of professionals here at the Helen’s Haven can help you with make up advice and skin care services to keep you looking and feeling your best. We have a team of professional stylists who will help you get, and keep, the look you want for summer. You can find us at 4819 Kilauea Ave., #6 in Honolulu, or call us on 808-739-0400. If you prefer, download our free mobile app and schedule the appointment that’s right for you. It’s available via a free download from the AppStore, Google Play and Amazon.