Great Skin With Microneedling

Collagen induction therapy at beauty salon

Let’s face it – old school is cool. Whether we’re talking about motorcycles, Hip Hop, or yoga, there’s something fundamentally attractive about anything retro. And while we don’t usually find skincare treatments that advertise themselves as retro, the process of microneedling really does find itself in the back-to-basics category. And that’s definitely a good thing.

Long before chemical processes promised us better looking, healthier skin, microneedling was already a thing in dermatologists’ offices. It wasn’t flashy, and there were no gizmos that went with it. Instead, doctors used a clamp and a 30-gauge needle to repeatedly poke tiny holes in their clients’ skin. The technique encouraged collagen production and also enhanced the penetration of hydration and rejuvenation products. It worked wonders on acne scars and fine lines, and the increased production of collagen made their clients’ skin glow like a 20-something.

The good news today is that while the underlying concept of microneedling remains the same, and so too the great results, the tools have definitely improved. The automated stamping pens that the pros use make the entire process go much more quickly, and the technique is a fantastic alternative to laser treatments especially for those of us suffering from heat-sensitive conditions such as melasma and rosacea, or whose skin tone makes us especially prone to uneven darkening. All in all, microneedling regularly is a great way to resurface your skin, make it thicker and glow with the health and vitality is used to have.

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