Great Reasons To Get A Facial

Spa resort beauty portrait of woman looking at camera serene outside. Beautiful skin care concept with multiethnic model girl with perfect skin.

While there is the occasional fuddy-duddy among us who believes that facials are just fancy ways to spend money, most of us know that they are an important part of any skin care routine. Whether you’re a 20-something who wants to maintain your healthy skin for as long as possible, or you’re a more mature beauty veteran who understands the importance of anti-aging regimens, facials are very effective in keeping your skin healthy and looking its best.

There is a basic structure to any type of facial. Deep cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing are the building blocks, and additional steps with specific skin care goals are added in as needed. Your first task is to find a licensed, professional aesthetician who will help you determine what’s best for your skin’s needs and design or recommend a facial that will meet those needs.

The action will begin with a thorough cleansing using products appropriate to your skin’s needs, for example acne treatments, blackhead removal, aging or sun-damage treatments and so forth. Cleansing is followed up with exfoliating – removing old skin cells and revealing a layer of new ones. This can be either a mechanical exfoliation, using a gritty textured product, or a chemical one that uses enzymes to loosen dead cells. The final steps will focus on hydrating your skin very likely with a facial massage thrown in to improve circulation.

Probably the most important part of your facial will be the post-treatment advice you get from your aesthetician. This will not only help you maintain your fresh and healthy skin, it will also help you form a relationship with a professional who will be able to track your skin’s progress over the weeks and months to come.

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